Fuck I’m fired

Fuck, I’m fired, unlike the rest of my installations, is located in an artistic environment, in the Sol Koffler Gallery. The piece is a vibrating couch that moves in a very low range of infrasounds between 10 and 12 hertz. It should be experienced individually. The movement is almost imperceptible during the first moments; only spending some time sitting we notice its effect. The title is located on the wall, next to the couch; however, it is not the entry point to the experience like in my others pieces.

The visitor finds a couch in the middle of the gallery. The invitation to sit down is clear; it’s comfortable. He is expecting that something happens but apparently that’s just a simple couch. He reads the title; he infers that it is an art piece. He waits, nothing happens. He starts thinking that some part of the mechanism is not working correctly.

Suddenly he starts to feel something almost imperceptible, a very subtle vibration. He is not sure if it comes from the couch or from his body; it’s like ants over his skin. He decides to give some time to the piece.

The more time he spends paying attention to his body the ants become bigger and bigger insects. The tingling sensation increases its presence throughout all over his body. He feels his body buzzing. At some point, he cannot stop paying attention to what is going on under his skin.

Suddenly, without any kind of change in the vibration, his stomach suffers a pinch. The visitor doesn’t know why, but his belly is like the natural way out for the vibration. He can feel his stomach straining. It’s time to go; now he can imagine how people feel when they are fired.

The novelty of this piece resides in the fact that this is the first incursion into an artistic place, out of a specific space. In absence of an environment that reinforces the idea, the couch has to do all the work in order to transmit the sensation.

This piece works in two different steps. All the people get the subtle vibration; some people spend some minutes sitting before they start to realize that something is vibrating on their back. More than vibration we can define this movement of the couch as a slight shivering. This idea tries to transmit the subtlety of our body sensations.
If one spends at least 10 minutes sitting on the couch, he or she can feel the tension in his or her stomach. People who spend less time on the couch, experience a very low frequency, and they are forced to engage in a deep relationship with their bodies.

The sound is the central element of the piece. The noise is a 15 minute long track that goes from 10 to 12 hertz. It’s crucial in this piece the shape of the wave. In this case they are triangles instead of sinusoidal curves, with these changes they affect in a more direct way the visitor’s body, specifically the stomach.

Images: Plan of the Installation, Detail I, Physical Sensation.

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