What the train left behind.

What the train left behind is a sound installation in Winona, MN, that reproduces the infrasound of the trains crossing the city. The rail tracks characterize the urban landscape of this town as a legacy of its industrial past. The installation displayed the frequencies of both Amtrak and freight trains. This project is part of […]


Urbaninfrasound.com is a website focused on the presence of infrasound in public spaces.

Study of resonance

Open experiment where the audience experiences a musical piece just touching a baby grand piano. The instrument vibrates reproducing the very low frequencies of a performance recorded on the same site.


Vibrail is a space in which the visitor will be able to experience the infra-sounds or frequencies issued by different trains in their step by the bridge of the Real Sociedad [iron bridge] of San Sebastian. Such frequencies, perceptible for our body but not for our ears, were registered by an electronic device created by […]

This place is too noisy

This place is too noisy is the final piece created as part of my MFA degree at RISD. There is no limit to the amount of people visiting the installation beyond the reduced dimensions of the space. The visitors go across a dark corridor with a small gate at the end, on the right side […]


Research in paper about the subjectivity of our vision system.

Fuck I’m fired

Fuck, I’m fired, unlike the rest of my installations, is located in an artistic environment, in the Sol Koffler Gallery. The piece is a vibrating couch that moves in a very low range of infrasounds between 10 and 12 hertz. It should be experienced individually. The movement is almost imperceptible during the first moments; only […]

Kelly, why don’t we move from 413 to the couch area?

Kelly, why don’t we move from 413 to the couch area? is installed in two locations. First, visitors enter a big empty room, 413 in the CIT building at RISD, where they find a very loud noise from the AC system; and second, they move to a couch installed on the other side of the […]

Vital Auction

Performance where real audience interacted with virtual characters in the screen in order to win the auction. Collaboration with Laura Alesci. Video