Estrella Levante / Band

Estrella Levante has a very small market in a very specific spanish region. That part of Spain is well known by its rock bands and its musical scene. We decided to create a music conquest where the award was a professional recording in a music label. Band

Villarrosas / FAN

Christmas greeting for an advertising agency. The recipient could upload videos using the stencils and share them with other community members. CDEC (Spanish Creative Club) 2007 Entry

Honda / Dreams

Corporate image campaign for Honda following its tagline ‘The power of dreams”. Each piece is focused in one benefit that Honda developed through its research in technology. Here they are some of them. ACC, Maintains a safe distance./AFS, Adaptive front lighting system./CMBS. Crash mitigation breaking system./Pop-up hood, The bonnet automatically raises to reduce impact./SH-AWD. The […]

Nike / Running

The main challenge was to get back to the top ranking position among core runners. The strategy was to focus the message in the psychological singularity of our target. Three months after launching the campaign, it had accomplished all its goals. El Sol 2007 Grand Award El Sol 2007 Press Award El Sol 2007 Gold […]

Honda / Starlings

Launching campaign for the new Honda Accord. The commercial is based in the ACC technology that allows to keep a safe distance between cars. El Sol 2007 Bronze Cannes Lions 2007 Entry CDEC (Spanish Creative Club) 2007 Entry Starlings

Estrella Damm / Primavera Sound

Sponsorship for the Primavera Sound Music Festival by Estrella Damm, the local beer. The goal was to communicate that our beer will be present during the festival. Laus (Awards of communication and design) 2007 Entry Primavera Sound

Estrella Damm / Crates

Sponsorship for the Football Club Barcelona by Estrella Damm, the local beer. FC Barcelona is the team with more fan clubs around the world. We decided to pay homage to all those who cannot enjoy their favorite team in person. CDEC (Spanish Creative Club) 2007 Entry Crates

Nike / Olympics

Final ad of the campaign to promote Madrid for the 2012 Olympic Games. The campaign was a success in publicity terms. Four years later after London was finally selected, Madrid was again a candidate city for the 2016 Olympic Games. May be following the spirit of the Madrid dos mil y algo ” Madrid two […]

Japanese Sushi / Harakiri&Karaoke

Japanese sushi was the first brand selling sushi in delicatessen and food stores. The strategy took advantage of the lack of japanese products in these markets. Harakiri Karaoke