Amnesty International / Letters

Commercial to raise founding for Amnesty International. This NGO saved several lives by using the social pressure of its members as a collective against Human Rights abuses. Tagline: Together we are stronger. Fiap 2006 Bronze, Ad spot awards 2005 First Prize Letters

Amnesty International / Death Penalty

Campaign for the abolition of the death penalty. The challenge was to transmit the ethical paradox that killing a killer contains. After launching the posters, Amnesty International decided to expand the idea to the formats as postcards as a direct mail piece. CDEC (Spanish Creative Club) 2005 Silver mention Eurobest 2004 Gold N.Y. Festivals 2004 […]

Amnesty International / Clock

Direct mail piece for the most influent spanish journalists before the Iraq war. The clock would remember them the heavy bombings during the first days of the conflict. CDEC (Spanish Creative Club) 2004 Entry Ad spot awards 2005 First Prize

Canal + / Star Wars

For the first time the entire Star Wars saga was on TV. Canal + wanted to celebrate it with the old and new fans renewing their expectation.

Canal+ / Movies

For the first time, El Pais created a promotion to sell a DVD collection of spanish cinema. The campaign focussed on the real film locations to reinforce how close we are to places where the magic of the movies is created. Tagline: El Pais introduces the best films made here. Abre los ojos–El dia de […]

Canal + / Christmas

Through the years, the Christmas Canal + commercial became one of the main TV events during that period of time. That year we created a story about a Santa Claus mistake and its consequences. Christmas

El Pais / TNT

Campaign for the young lifestyle magazine of the most influential spanish newspaper, El Pais. The idea uses the youth reactant attitude, creating a fake ultra conservative social movement against the magazine laid back spirit. CDEC (Spanish Creative Club) 2002 Entry

El Pais / Movies

Canal + had the spanish broadcasting rights for most of the blockbuster movies. If you want to see a premiere on TV, you should watch Canal +. Not being the first one has its own risks. El Sol 2002 Bronze

Smart / Trips

Campaign for a fashion magazine. The target was trendsetters therefore we decided to use a very transgressive tone to connect with the spirit of the most avant-garde fashion design firms. CDEC (Spanish Creative Club) 2001 Entry